You can submit your paper through the TurnitIn Site “RCOMM 100 5 S2-1920 on Sakai by following these simple directions:

                                 How to Join TurnitIn Site RCOMM 100 5 S2-1920 on Sakai

  • Once you are in your workspace in Sakai, click on membership tool under the HOME tab.
Membership Tool


  •  Click on the Joinable Sites tab.
Joinable sites


  • Click on the Join Now  link to enroll yourself in RCOMM 100 5 S2-1920 Course site listed.
Rcomm 100 5 S2-1920


                                How to Submit/Upload a Document

  • Once you are in the Turnitin site “RCOMM 100 5 S2-1920”  in Sakai, click where it says “Assignments”.


  • Click on the open assignments called  “Plagiarism Checker” with a due date not expired to submit your paper.


  • Click on “Browse” to upload the paper in question. Please note that you can only upload Word (.doc, .docx), PostScript (.ps), PDF (.pdf), HTML (.html), rich or plain text (.rtf, .txt) files


  • Once the file has been uploaded, click “Submit”


        How to View the Report

  • The next page will confirm that the assignment has been submitted. TurnitIn typically takes no more than 15 minutes to scan a file for plagiarism, but during peak usage periods it may take up to 24 hours, so plan accordingly. Once the TurnitIn report has been created, you can view the results by going back to the assignments page, and clicking on the assignment you submitted to.


  • You will see an option to view the Turnitin Report. Click the report icon and it will open the report in a new browser tab