Sakai Help - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some frequently asked questions about using Sakai:

For Students

How do I unjoin a course site?

To unjoin a course site:

  1. In My Workspace, from the menu bar, click Membership.
  2. Under "My Current Sites", you'll see a list of all the sites to which you belong. (This includes sites you have joined, and sites that you have been added to as a participant by the University.) If you'd like to unjoin any of them, click Unjoin

How do I get a Sakai account?

Sakai utilizes your UG student ID and PIN credentials. An account will be created for you once you gain admission to University of Ghana.

I have problems logging in

If you see "invalid login", either your student ID is invalid or you have typed the wrong password.

If you cannot remember your password, click Forgot your password  and provide your University of Ghana email address. A password reset link will be sent to the UG email you provided.

    What is my Sakai username/password? How do I change it?

    Your Sakai username and password is the same as your UG student ID and PIN. You can always change your Sakai password by using the "Forgot Password"  action button on the Sakai login page.

    A course I'm enrolled in is not showing up, why not?

    If you are not seeing a course in which you are enrolled:

    1. Check in your sites grid to see if the course is listed

           = sites grid

    How do I set which courses are Favorites?

    You can set how many and which courses are available in the top menu of the Sakai page.  To do this, once logged into Sakai:

    1. Click on the Sites grid in the upper right of your Sakai screen
    2. Click on the star for any course you'd like to be in the Favorites menu
    3. Click on Organize Favorites if you want to change the order of your favorites
    For Staff

    Where can I see a list of currently active students in my course?

    The Roster tool (on the main menu in your course site) allows you to view a list of students that matches the roster at the University. The Roster tool lists the student Name, User ID, and Role. To see a list of students' email addresses, click Export at the top of the Roster area to download a spreadsheet that includes student email addresses.

    How will I know that my Sakai course sites have been created?

    Log into Sakai, click on "Sites", and you should see your courses listed in a section labeled with the semester/year. (Example: ABCS 101 1 S1-2021)  .Click on any course in the list to go into the course site

    How do I copy content from another Sakai course?

    Copying content from one Sakai course to another is the responsibility of the instructor.  To do this you must be an instructor in both Sakai sites

    1. Go into the course which you want to copy content into
    2. Navigate to the Site Info
    3. Choose Import from Site
    4. Choose the most appropriate option between "I would like to replace my data" or "I would like to merge my data."
    5. Choose the course(s) from which you would like to import content, you can select multiple courses.
    6. Use the checkboxes to decide what content to copy from which course (if multiple courses were selected)
      • If an item is grayed out on this list, that tool is not available either in the source or destination site.


      How do I put files into my course for students to download?

      You can use the Resources tool to store and distribute files in Sakai to students. You can upload files to the Resources area of your course; through the web interface and through Drag and Drop (WebDav)

      How do I make a file available to just specific students in my course?

      Student Groups must first be defined.  To do this go to Site Info > Manage Groups > Create New Group.

      You can make files or entire folders (and all files within that folder) to specific groups by:

      • Select Edit Details from the Action drop down next to the file or folder you would like to modify
      • Under Availability and Access choose "Display this folder and its contents to selected groups only"
      • Select the group(s) you would like to have access to this file/folder

      How do I Create Groups in my Sakai course?

      To create a groups within a Sakai course, once in your course:

      • Go to Site Info
      • Choose Manage Groups
      • Create New Group option to create a new group
      • Input a Title and optional Description
      • highlight the student(s) or role(s) you would like in your group and use the right arrow key to add them.
      • When done, use the Add button to create the group

      How do I remove a person/student from my course?

      Go to your course's Site Info > Manage Participants and you should see all of the users associated with your course.  You can deactivate them from just your course (not allowing them to access your course) or remove them completely from your course which will remove any of their content from your course.

      • To deactivate them use the Active dropdown next to the person's name OR
      • To completely remove them, select the checkbox in the Remove column next to their name

      Select the Update Participants button below the participants list to make any changes selected.